How To Use

Great English - I'm Reading One is simple to use. Start the reading program at the first ABC tutorial and work systematically through to tutorial 28. The themed units, Numbers, My Body, Colours, Hello/Good-bye and Feelings Yes/No have been added to allow the young reader learn some basic vocabulary in preparation for Great English - I'm Reading Two. It will take the young reader time to internalize the letter names and sounds of the alphabet, so allow the reader time. It is vital that the reader learns the sounds of the letters as this is the first stage for a solid foundation in English reading. Each reader is different and will develop at their own pace. The reader will need to hear and repeat the tutorials many times before the letter names and their sounds are internalized. Do not try to skip or speed up this phase. Letter name and sound recognition is vital to successful reading. Give the reader plenty of time and practice. In order to help your child develop reading, comprehension and writing skills Great English - I'm Reading One has many fun printables to allow the reader practice the material covered in the tutorials. These printables can be used over and over again many times. Games have been added to help the reader recognize the alphabet and rapidly internalize all 26 letters in both upper and lowercase forms. The games are fun and challenging and will also help prepare your child for reading in Great English - I'm Reading Two.