• E-Edit

    We now offer editing services. Whatever you wish to write in English, have it in Great English. thumbnail pic curtesy of

  • Great English I'm Reading Two

    We are delighted to announce that Great English I'm Reading two, the second step in getting your child reading quickly and confidently in English will launch in 2016! Watch this space!!

  • I'm Reading One Now FREE!

    We're excited to announce that all portions of I'm Reading One software are now 100% free and available for students, parents, and teachers. Feel free to use the tutorials, games and printables to improve your English...

  • Enroll now for Classes.

    Great English is now enrolling students for one-on-one and group classes online via Skype. Email for more information and to reserve your place. Photo courtesy of

  • Software to help your young child learn English

    Great English is a fun, interactive English literacy tutoring software programme for children aged 3 and up... read more

  • Innovative Great English Tutoring Software Brings Language Learning Success to Students’ Fingertips

    (HONG KONG) – With over 15 years of experience teaching English to Hong Kong students, Katrina Bourke is proud to announce the upcoming launch of Great English this month. It is a unique interactive English tutoring software precisely...