Innovative Great English Tutoring Software Brings Language Learning Success to Students’ Fingertips

(HONG KONG) – With over 15 years of experience teaching English to Hong Kong students, Katrina Bourke is proud to announce the upcoming launch of Great English this month. It is a unique interactive English tutoring software precisely tailored to Hong Kong’s English language learning environment.


Great English is a series of English tutoring software specifically designed with the exact needs of Hong Kong’s learners in mind. It has been formulated to thoroughly ground students – of all ages and proficiencies – in the crucial foundations of great English reading. Strong reading skills pave the way for superior writing and speaking skills. Great English is an English literacy programme honing all language skills, speaking, reading and writing.


The Great English system comprises a series of 5 modules, starting from the complete beginner. Great English's easy to use computer-based system, allows learners to work at their convenience and at their own pace – a stark contrast to the high-pressure, and costly, environment of the tutoring centres Hong Kong is known for.


The first of these modules, designed for beginner learners aged 3and up, will be launched on 1 July 2012. Catering to the context of younger learners, this first module features an element of interactive fun, as children learn the basics of English alongside adorable interactive characters well-loved by the children who participated in Great English’s learner trials.


A native of Dublin, Ireland, Katrina began teaching English in Hong Kong in 1996. In the years since, she has worked to perfect the art of teaching English to local Chinese children, teens and adults. Her tried and tested classroom experience has been distilled into the convenient and affordable Great English programme, combining the philosophies of phonics, sight words, simple language structures, all put in context, i.e., an English language literacy programme.


“Having taught English in Hong Kong for nearly two decades, I am extremely familiar with the areas in which Hong Kong students can benefit from a top-up supplement like Great English and with the teaching methodologies that really work,” said Katrina. “Great English fills those gaps, and speeds up learning in an engaging and highly cost-effective manner.”


Solid English speaking, reading and writing skills are undoubtedly a necessity for academic and professional success in Hong Kong, but the financial and time commitment necessary for in-person tutoring can be extreme and results are not always as high as anticipated.


Great English stands out among its competitors because of its unique, tried and tested, approach to English learning. Great English employs a phonics-based teaching technique for reading, a pedagogy proven most effective in Katrina’s classrooms, rather than the traditional book-based, memory teaching approach most often found in Hong Kong.


“While there is no one best method for every student who is learning English,” said Katrina, “my years of classroom experience have shown time and again that phonics-based learning is a more fun, lasting and ultimately, a more successful approach. Great English is the perfect way for parents to invest in the foundation of their children’s future success.”


Additionally, Great English is differentiated from other English learning channels because of its affordability. Users need only pay the one-time fee to purchase each Great English module, rather than a monthly tuition fee, or annual fee for other online programmes thus making Great English an extremely affordable option in comparison with other tutoring arrangements, especially as brothers and sisters in one family can use it.


Great English will be available as an online software program that can only be accessed with an internet connection. (SaaS)

I'm Reading One, the first product in the series will be available online on Jul 1, 2012